Žemyna Kuliukas | president

Žemyna is a Bachelor of Laws student, and has been a part of Curtin Student Law Society since 2015, when she first joined as a First Year Representative. She is passionate about making Curtin Law School a better place to learn, grow and connect.

Contact: president@csls.asn.au | 0418 603 336

ELLEN RICHMOND | vice president

Ellen Richmond is studying a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Commerce, and has been a part of Curtin Student Law Society since 2016, when she joined as a First Year Representative. Ellen's focus is on making sure students feel they are being represented in a manner that adds value to their law school experience.

Contact: vicepresident@csls.asn.au 


President | Žemyna Kuliukas

Vice President | Ellen Richmond

Secretary | Hamish Robertson

Treasurer | Zac Rhodes

Publications & Media Director | Meika Atkins

Careers Director | Tabitha Raphael

Competitions Director | Lewis Pope

Education Director  | Nancy Zhao

Social Director | Kenyon Lee

Wellbeing Director | Vuma Phiri



Publications Editor | Sandy Milne

Careers Officers | Ivana Sunich & James Case

Competitions Officer | Sebastian Boccardo & Jia Ho Pow

Education Officers | Sophie McKay & Oma Murad

Social Officers | David Hain & Fraser Nguyen

Sports Officer | Jackson Govers

Wellbeing Officers | Alicia Nguyen & Janice Lau