Curtin Law School

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2018 marks the beginning of Curtin Law School’s sixth year. Curtin Law has embraced its energy and vitality, making great strides forward and setting itself apart from other established universities. Last year saw students move into the brand new Law Campus at 57 Murray Street in the Perth CBD. Having a purpose-built facility situated in the heart of the city gives students a huge geographical advantage, while its in-house barristers’ chambers further immerses students in a realistic working environment. The strategic decision to move to the city reflects Curtin’s focus on pragmatism and preparing its graduates to seamlessly transition into their professional lives.

In 2016, Curtin Law School put forward a team of three students in the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition. This competition sees Law Students from around the globe meet and compete in a Moot Court. Curtin’s team won the Asia-Pacific Regional round, and then made their way to the semi-finals of the World championship in Mexico. This internationally recognised achievement is just one example of Curtin establishing itself as a leading West Australian law school. In July of this year, a number of students will travel to Belgium to undertake the ‘Ghent University Summer Program’. This once in a lifetime opportunity will give students the opportunity to live abroad and study a range of international and European law units at a reputable European university. This program will broaden the education experience that is offered to Curtin Law students, immersing them in the increasingly globalised business world.

Although Curtin Law School has a fresher face than most, it is setting solid foundations for its future, as well as the futures of the students it produces. This is being achieved through innovation, change, and a desire to succeed. In its short time, Curtin Law has produced some excellent results and superb graduates.