Scholarship Opportunities


The Aboriginal Women's Legal Education Trust (AWLT) provides scholarships to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women with the potential and enthusiasm to succeed at law school.
AWLT's primary objective is to strengthen indigenous communities through educational opportunities. The Trust seeks applicants who are academically able and committed to contributing to their communities.
Applicants need to be: 
1. An Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander woman who usually resides in the State of Western Australia and who is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia; 
2. Eligible to be, or currently, enrolled as a student at a university in WA in a course which is a bachelor's degree or higher qualification in the study of law; 
3. Eligible for AbStudy, AusStudy, and/or Youth Allowance or similar; 
4. Motivated to undertake and be committed to her programme of studies; 
5. Able to demonstrate enthusiasm and willingness for the proposed course of studies and have a drive to achieve her degree; and
6. Someone with potential to be a leader in the wider Indigenous or Australian community
Applications should include: 
- a letter or statement setting out examples of how you meet each of the six criteria listed above;
- a resume; 
- academic transcript;
- references (if available); and
- proof of status as an indigenous woman.
Applications should be addressed to the Trustee, AWL Education Trust, at Level 19, 77 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA and must be received by 12 noon on Friday, 16 February 2018. Late applications will not be considered.
For further information see the Aboriginal Women's Legal Education Trust Facebook page and/or contact Clare Thompson via ((08) 9220 0444)