CSLS Committee 2018/19

A huge congratulations to our new committee, starting 1 October 2018!

President: Kenyon Lee
Vice President: Lewis Pope
Secretary: Sally Ascott
Treasurer: Sandra Rios
Education Director: Regina Nunag
Competitions Director: Oma Murad
Social Director: Fraser Nguyen
Wellbeing & Equity Director: Cairo Leicester
Careers Director: Sowmya Kolli
Communications Director: Nicole Lyttle
Sponsorship Officer: Cassandra Araujo
Publications Editor: Gurupriya Sutharshan
Education Officers: Maddison Reid and Clinton Wang
Careers Officers: Harley Gardiner and Sarah Berryman
Competition Officers: Sebastian Boccardo and Riccardo Martino
Social Officers: Mary-Kate Ledger and Kristen Henshaw
Sports Officer: Lance Villanueva
Wellbeing & Equity Officers: Jade Chow and Madina Eira