The CSLS is always interested in hearing what our members have to say. That's why we've created a suggestions page in which we answer any suggestions that have been submitted to us. You can submit your own suggestions by filling out a suggestion card at the Murray Street Campus or online.


Suggestion 1

A small library or reserved selection of relevant text books (i.e books commonly prescribed for units). Many students already use the Business School Library but having access to those resources at the law school would allow students to study more at the law school and may increase collegiality / involvement with peers. Part of mezzanine floor could be re-purposed for this.

Although we agree that a small library/selection of books could be greatly beneficial, there are unfortunately some logistical issues that need to be approached. This is also not something the CSLS has direct control over and it is ultimately the decision of the Law School. However, we engage in regular meetings with the school's Dean to discuss student-related issues. We will definitely bring this up at our next meeting 


Suggestion 2

Having sit down/normal desks in the upstairs/mezzanine area. Just like the ones used in the silent study area at the Bentley campus library

This is not something in direct control of the CSLS though is an idea we have been discussing the idea of a change to that area with the Law School. We are hoping to make progress on upgrading the mezzanine, though this depends on a number of factors that are being assessed.


Suggestion 3

A. Milo and coffee are great thanks. Is it possible you could get milk powder? Non-perishable and better than milk-free milo

B. Powdered milk or small juice box sized long life milk in bulk

We hear you. Although we understand the reason for requesting milk powder, we think actual milk is a better addition to the kitchen. As a result, we have stocked the cupboard  with 1L cartons of long life milk. There should be milk in the fridge and when it runs out, simply replace it with one of the long life milks in the cupboard!


Suggestion 4

Soy-milk or lactose free milk for coffee/milo

Soy-milk is now available in the cupboard above the dishwasher


Suggestion 5

Sticky notes for the milk so we know when it has been opened

*Abracadabra Alakazam* sticky notes have now materialised themselves upstairs at 57 Murray Street.