Advocating for Curtin Law School students since 2013

Founded in 2013, the Curtin Student Law Society was born out of a passionate group of law students who commenced their studies during the inaugural phases of the Curtin Law School.  During this time, its representative committee were instrumental in forming and forging networks with highly respected law firms and organisations both within WA.

Whether you’re an aspiring legal advisor or an upcoming High Court Justice, you’ve come to the right place.  We promote active engagement within our Law Society at all levels from academic challenges, competitions and extra-curricular activities right through to team sports and networking events.

Find out about our upcoming events, discover what each portfolio is working on or contact us to find out how we can build a relationship with you. 




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Our portfolios 


With the challenging job market associated with a career in law, CSLS assists in giving students the best chance of a successful career by organising a variety of careers events and our mid-year careers guide. 



To relieve stress and allow students to build valuable networks, our Social Committee hosts a variety of opportunities for students to let their hair down. From wine tours to pub crawls, we aim to cater for all students.


CSLS aims to promote competitions as a way of getting involved and growing outside of regular law classes. Law school competitions provide a way for students to become familiar with future employers and law firm offices; improve legal skills and confidence in a legal environment; and expose students to different aspects of the legal profession.


CSLS highly values both the physical and mental health of students. Given the prevalence of mental illness in the legal profession and stressful workloads associated with the sector, we strive to set up Curtin Law students to enjoy and maintain a healthy lifestyle through education and events. 


As we progress throughout the year we’ll keep you informed on any cool study tips and tricks to help you succeed at University.  We’ll also be on the lookout for career-related activities which may be of interest to you such as career fairs, expos, seminars and other academic events either hosted directly by CSLS or an external body.


CSLS arranges a number of sports events through Curtin University and with other university clubs. Contact to see how you can get involved